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This gem and vintage 1940's lucite bead bracelet is made from White Jade + Druzy Agate. Said to bring positivity + bring feelings of calm and peace + supports stress relief + strengthening of the spirit. This piece of jewelry offers a reminder that caring is beautiful and brings support to caregivers.


  • Custom-designed bracelet made with 10mm Natural White Jade Round Beads +Pearl Druzy Agate Beads + Vintage Pink Lucite Bead  + handcrafted 10mm lightweight brass bead
  • Stretch bracelet
  • 18 cm or 7.08 inches in diameter. To be sure of fit- measure the diameter of the wrist- to inquire about a custom size- email
  • Custom logo 10mm light gold zinc alloy charm- free from lead, nickel, and cadmium
  • Packaged in a handmade linen gift bag


*Due to the gem's unique properties, colors may vary. Given the unique nature of the stone, colors may vary from the picture shown.


Limited quantities are available.

The Dede Bracelet

SKU: 009
  • To care for your jewelry:

    • Avoid contact with harsh cleaning products, beauty cleansers, and chemicals.
    • Take care with your jewelry when participating in exercise and contact with water.
    • Care for jewelry by cleaning with a dry, soft cloth and store in a dry protected space. 
    • Natural gemstones are each unique and the stones may vary from the image shown at purchase. Gemstones are fragile and need to be handled with care. Avoid harsh chemicals and materials to preserve the quality of your jewelry. 
    • Do not pull harshly. For best care, place fingers in the bracelet and roll it up to your wrist. This will prolong the integrity of the bracelet.

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